The Importance of Removing Mold From Your Home

Mold growth in a home can be dangerous, especially when the mold is toxic. Mold can grow on almost any surface, but porous surfaces are more likely to experience growth. When a home is overly humid due to poor ventilation, leaks or flood waters, remediation needs to be carried out quickly. Through mold removal Toronto, a home can be properly treated so the occupants are not in danger.

Toronto mold removal companies will first test the mold in the home to see what type is present. Testing is crucial so the company knows what types of treatment to use and what protective measures to take. Mold samples are taken through scrapings and air samples. These are sent to a lab so the type can be determined.

Once the team is prepared, remediation services will begin. Porous surfaces that have become infested with mold will need to be removed and replaced. Upholstered furniture, carpeting, draperies, and drywall should all be replaced since the mold cannot be properly removed.

Non-porous surfaces can be treated with special fungicides that are meant to kill the spores so they do not become airborne and repopulate in other areas. Airborne spores can pose a risk to the occupants of a home. If mold is breathed into the lungs, it can cause asthma attacks, allergy symptoms, and pneumonia.


Specially trained remediation specialists can carefully clean the entire home to make sure all mold growth has been destroyed. The team will also bring in powerful dehumidifying machines to remove the moisture from the air. This is crucial to ensure mold growth does not continue. The air quality of the home will be continuously checked to ensure the mold levels are at normal along with the humidity.

Homeowner’s who have a homeowner’s insurance policy may have their remediation services covered. The remediation team will work with the insurance provider to make sure the damage is documented so the homeowner’s claim can be settled as quickly as possible.

Mold that is allowed to remain in a home will only continue to grow and mold removal services Toronto create a dangerous situation for the inhabitants of a home. Through a mold inspection Toronto, homeowners can have their home checked for mold so treatment can be carried out if it is needed. An inspection should also be carried out before a buyer purchases a home.

If you are in need of mold remediation services, make sure you call a professional mold remediation team right away. With these services, homeowners can rest assured their mold problems have been resolved.

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